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Turn every STICK into an experience.

Six acres of cinnamon land which planted by our grand father now starting to harvesting. Never used synthetic fertiliser to grown the plants. It takes more than 70 years for trees to grow up to this level.

According to the international market requirements, under the supervision of the Sri Lanka export board, we are processing cinnamon sticks, powder oil and leafs into the International market.

What customers say about our cinnamon

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We're offering our customers something extra.

Our packaging is up to ISO standards and you will get the same aroma and taste as the first day of the process of cinnamon when you ordered from us. It is guaranteed we are providing 100% authentic and organic Ceylon cinnamon.

Door Step delivery available in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia !!!

Face behind

ridma jayasinghe

Meet the owner and Co-founder of Old Cinnamon – Sri Lanka.  

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